Fleet Services

Dasucex Logistics Group offers the best hauling and logistics experience in the Atlanta Metropolitan area in the state of Georgia. We are here to ensure a smooth, safe on time delivery of each and every delivery.
Our experienced team is here to help service your needs big or small, commercial or government agencies- we have you covered. If you are interested in working with us please contact us as info@dasucexlogistics.com

Dedicated Experienced Drivers

Our professional drivers are trained to hold the highest standards of safety to guarantee each haul is delivered on time and safely to its destination. We employ only experienced, highly trained candidates that will guarantee unparalleled flexibility and A1 customer service. Work with us and see the difference!

GPS & Real Time Tracking On Each Truck

Each vehicle is outfitted with the most sophisticated, innovative and advanced tracking system that give us real time location of our vehicle, improve driver productivity, and reduce distractions from our drivers to answer phone calls about their location and ETA. We are able to monitor our entire fleet in real time and give us customer’s peace of mind on delivery estimates.

Some Of The Materials We Haul


Hauling dirt is a very necessary process for any construction site or a large landscaping project. Dirt can be hauled away to the customer’s specific location or it can be hauled to a place where it will be dumped. The price of hauling dirt can either be by the load or by the hour. Need to haul dirt….


There are three commonly grouped traffic type – heavy, medium and light. Asphalt is made up of heated asphalt cement or binder, mineral filler and aggregate. Hauling routes will sometimes need to be planned out in advance of paving operations. Asphalt is usually priced by the ton or by the hour. Need to haul asphalt….


This process entails the removal of the pavement surface using a milling machine. A full depth removal involves ripping and breaking up the pavement. The broken material is picked up and hauled to a central location for processing. The price of milling is usually charged either by the ton or by the hour. Need to haul milling….

Have A Hauling Or

Logistic Need?

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