DaSuceX Logistics Group

Your Trusted Partner in Project Completion

No project too big or too small- we specialize in keeping track of every detail- something essential to ensuring the job is done right the first time….

Why Work With Dasucex Logistics

Our excellent customer service and on time delivery makes it easier than ever to expand your business in new areas. We offer affordable rates to both small and large business without comprising our exceptional on time delivery.

What makes us separated from the competition is that we service to both commercial businesses and government agencies and provide logistics service to cater to any need.

We are reliable, committed, client-focused, and driven by innovation process multilayered solutions. We are 100 percent minority owned, 100 percent woman owned and we give back to our community in time and resources.

  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • On Time Delivery
  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Drivers
  • Proven Commercial and Government Industry Experience
  • No Contract Too Small
  • No Contract Too Large
  • We Are A Green Sub-contractor
  • No Setup Fees

Our Mission

Our mission is to attract and retain government and or private  customers by providing efficient, best-in-class and accessible logistics solutions by ensuring our services are reliable, DOT compliant and cost effective. We achieve this by embodying a disciplined culture of exceptional service, strategic partnership and utmost safety.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the most efficient, reliable logistics company with innovative sustainable solutions to meet the ever- changing demands of our clients.

A Green Sub-contractor

Operating Our Business Responsible

Operating Our Business Responsible We are doing our part….we are constantly applying the best practice knowledge of green technology to do our part in eliminating our carbon footprint, committed to operating our business to support sustainable green energy logistics practices.

Our Culture is All About Safety

“No One Gets Hurt On Our Watch”

This is our mission and our commitment in everything that we do, all day, every day. We are continually upgrading and redefining our safety policies to achieve and maintain this goal.

A Good Corporate Citizen

We are Giving Back To Our Community.

We take the time to contribute to our community where we live and were we work-the giving of our time and resources as a company and as individuals.

Have A Hauling Or

Logistic Need?

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